Learn from our graduates about the Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching programme and the Henley experience.

The joy of learning and extending my coaching knowledge

Pia Friberg

A practical approach to coaching

Timo Into

Getting a wide and holistic perspective on coaching

In 2010, I wanted to challenge myself with a longer-term qualification programme that would allow me to make a lasting change in my leadership and enable me to work as an internal coach.

Henley fulfilled my expectations of getting an excellent coaching education in numerous ways. The days spent at Henley with internationally renowned trainers and a great group of participants with different backgrounds were very valuable, as well as the practical experience of coaching real clients. In between, we had assignments and reading to complete. Mixed with self-evaluation personality tests, the entire programme was an outstanding holistic package of coaching content – and one at a university level of education.

I feel the programme was transformational for me as a leader. One of the highlights for me was deepening my self-awareness and learning how my personality relates to my role as a coach. You coach with your personality. Therefore, it is invaluable to understand your personality-driven strengths and weaknesses as a coach to be able to work with others who are different, allowing you to more effectively interact with them.

I am happy to hear that Henley is now making this programme available in Finland!


Riikka Mattila
HR Director, Scandic Hotels

Learning through personal development that coaching was for me

Pirjo Puhakka - Henley Business School FinlandThe Henley nine-month coaching programme was a good combination of practise and theory. It was a very eclectic approach, drawing on various theories and frameworks, so that later you could focus on the ones that resonated most with you. We also had lots of hands-on training, which is very important for an effective coaching programme.

Looking back on my learning journey, I feel my self-awareness increased tremendously. I was clear about where my coaching style fits. Henley provided a good basis for me to start my professional coaching business, as I learned to know who I am as a coach and what my competitive advantage is. It opened the opportunity for me to work both as a coach for Henley and to start my own business as a professional coach called Thinking Time.

I highly recommend the programme for managers and consultants who want to do more powerful work with people. The programme suits also as an entry to the coaching profession, be it as an internal or external coach. No one has the same style – everyone is different, and this is an ideal chance to find your own way to coach.


Pirjo Puhakka
Academic Tutor and Executive Coach, Henley Business School
Founder and Coach, Thinking Time

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