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Certificate in Executive Coaching programme overview

Differentiate yourself in a competitive market.

The Henley Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching comprises of three workshops and a subsequent practice period with supervision support:

Workshop 1 โ€“ Self-awareness as a coach

Explore your personal skills and attributes, and your beliefs and values around coaching. This workshop introduces a basic framework for coaching.

Workshop 2 โ€“ Coaching tools and techniques

Try different tools and techniques and understand the underpinning psychological concepts. Carry out your first external client session โ€“ either with your own clients or ones we arrange for you.

Workshop 3 โ€“ Integration

Develop your coaching competences using observed sessions with feedback. Integrate all materials into a coherent approach.

Post-workshop study

Continue with supervision, support and coaching skills development. You will have access to all resources of the Henley Centre for Coaching, including online coaching journals, webinars from leading coaches from across the world and resources to help you set up your coaching business.

Optional online sessions

Coaching supervision forms an integral part of the programme through the 9 months of study. Participants will have access to regular online mentoring and supervision sessions during the last 4 months of the programme.

At the end of the programme, assessment takes place through a portfolio that includes a 2,000 word reflection on your development as a coach and a recorded coaching session demonstrating your coaching skills.


The Henley Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching is scheduled over 9 months with 7 days of workshops over 5 months, plus 4 months of coach mentoring, coaching practice, reflection and coaching supervision:

January 2022 intake (face-to-face)
Workshop 1: 20 โ€“ 21 January 2022, Helsinki
Workshop 2: 16 โ€“ 18 February 2022, Henley, UK
Workshop 3: 24 โ€“ 25 March 2022, Helsinki

May 2022 intake (face-to-face)
Workshop 1: 9 โ€“ 10 May 2022, Helsinki
Workshop 2: 16 โ€“ 18 June 2022, Henley, UK
Workshop 3: 4 โ€“ 5 August 2022, Helsinki

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Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching - Henley Business School Finland

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