Dr Bernd Vogel

UN Climate change conference

COP26, silence of the leadership development, and the band on the Titanic

  • 23 Nov 2021
Within the leadership development community, we know we hit the iceberg of climate change and it is sinking us, yet it seems we are continuing to play the same old leadership development tunes. Why is that and what can we do together?
Work 2028 – Trends, dilemmas & choices - Henley Business School

Work and Leadership 2028

  • 6 Sep 2018
Planning for the future of business is an intimidating thought considering the current pace of change. What new technology will there be? What will the workforce look like? Will the…
Donald Trump Inauguration - Henley Business School Finland

Leadership, Donald Trump and laissez faire followers

  • 30 Jan 2017
What makes people follow a controversial leader? Last week in a Henley MBA cohort we had a heated debate. This leaves no one indifferent. And it is a difficult one.…