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More than half of workers looking to change careers

  • 18 Jan 2022
More than 870 people aged 18 to 55 were surveyed by Henley Business School about their feelings towards their careers, including how happy they felt at work, whether they enjoy working from home, and which factors influenced how they felt about their job.

โ€œProper education is the most potent agent of empowermentโ€ โ€“ Archbishop Desmond Tutu

  • 12 Jan 2022
Henley Business School joins with our friends and colleagues at Henley Africa, and the rest of the world, in mourning the loss of Archbishop-emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu who died on 26 December, 2021 in Cape Town.

Can Personal Development start a movement?

  • 7 Jan 2022
Personal Development has long been a distinctive element of the Henley experience but has not presented itself as an organisational theory. Reflection has operated at the fringes of organisational decision-making and strategy, and therefore the question is legitimate: Can Personal Development be a force in Organisational Development?
Henley alumni Vesa Silfver

Alumni of the month: Vesa Silfver, CEO, Motiva Group

  • 4 Jan 2022
Alumni of the month is a new series of interviews where we feature Henley Business School alumni from various fields of business. In the interviews, our alumni share what were the most important lessons they learned during their studies and how studying at Henley has impacted both the career and personal life. In addition, you will also get insights on what are the keys to success in each alumnusโ€™ field of business.
Managing People workshop - Henley Business School Finland

To HR or not to HR โ€“ experiences from the Managing People workshop

  • 23 Dec 2021
The Managing People workshop of my Henley EMBA journey took place in Copenhagen in the beginning of December, which was very interesting for me as a HR professional. Read on for my learnings and takeaways from the workshop!
Season's Greetings

Season’s Greetings 2021

  • 15 Dec 2021
Dear alumni, partners and friends, As the year draws to an end, weโ€™d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and business throughout another exceptional year.…
Coping in a crisis: routine, routine, routine - Henley Business School Finland

How do I know if Iโ€™m doing the right things?

  • 10 Dec 2021
How many hours do you work in a typical week? Probably too many. However, it isnโ€™t just about making time for things outside of work. Itโ€™s about how to make sure we are focusing on the right things while at work.
FT European Business Schools Ranking 2021

FT European Business Schools Ranking 2021

  • 8 Dec 2021
This yearโ€™s Financial Times European Business Schools Ranking 2021 sees Henley Business School ranked as top business school located in Finland and improve its standing in Europe, being placed no. 34.
Juho Toivola

Q&A with Juho: Studying an Executive MBA

  • 3 Dec 2021
During November, you had the possibility to ask our brand ambassador Juho Toivola questions about studying an Executive MBA. We have selected five questions, which Juho will answer here.
Trends in coaching

Future Trends in Coaching

  • 1 Dec 2021
What are the thoughts of the global coaching community on the effects of the pandemic and the future coaching landscape as we start to consider the new normal? This Executive Report on Future Trends in Coaching provides an overview of a study undertaken with over 1000 professional coaches.
Dear alumni, partners and friends - Coronavirus pandemic update - Henley Business School Finland

COVID-19 update

  • 26 Nov 2021
Following the recent developments surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we are taking every precaution to ensure a safe environment for our clients, partners and employees. Our programmes and events are delivered in compliance with the local COVID-19 regulations in Finland.
Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning โ€“ the only constant in a changing world of work

  • 25 Nov 2021
Lifelong learning and adopting new skills, knowledge and abilities for personal and professional growth will be the only way to stay relevant in the future world of work.