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Henley #1 Executive Education provider in Finland

This yearโ€™s Financial Times (FT) Executive Education ranking sees Henley rated again as one of the worldโ€™s top business schools, placing in the top 20 in Europe, top three in the UK, and top 20 in the world. Five schools with delivery in the Nordic regions are listed in the ranking, with Henley placing at no.2 in the Nordics and no 1 in Finlandย 

Henleyโ€™s custom programmes, tailored to an organisationโ€™s individual requirements and co-designed with our clients, performed particularly well – up three places in the world rankings to number 25, and up two places to number 16 in Europe.ย In the UK, Henley also maintained a leading position, placing at number three for a second year running.ย 

Designed to empower learners to increase their personal impact and organisation performance, Henleyโ€™s open programmes continue to place highly in the UK with a ranking of no.3, as well as ranking within the top 20 in Europe and top 25 in the world.

Henleyโ€™s mission to advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion is reflected in its clean sweep for faculty diversity, taking the top position in the UK, Europe, and the world for its open and custom programmes. Henley’s custom programmes are also ranked no.1 in the UK and no.2 in the world and in Europe respectively for international clients.

75 schools from around the world were ranked by the FT in 2023, with clientsโ€™ satisfaction scores determining 80% of the total ranking. Other factors such as teaching methods, follow-up (a measure of the level of follow up offered to participants after their return to their workplaces) and aims achieved were also considered, with Henley placing at no.3 in the UK in all three areas across its open and custom programmes. 

โ€œThe FT rankings demonstrate that Henley remains a world class business school providing leading executive education programmes for impact and change. I am delighted that we can offer such high-quality programmes to our customers in Finland, combining global perspectives with local service. And at the same time cherishing our values, reflected in high diversity ratings.โ€

Paula Kilpinen, Director, Executive Education at Henley Business School Finland

โ€œFor 75 years, Henley has been developing confident and resilient leaders through our internationally recognised programmes and innovative teaching. These rankings are testament to the hard work of our faculty, programme directors, programme administrators and client-facing teams in ensuring our clients and learners develop the skills and mindset needed to make an impact in these challenging times.โ€

Professor George Alexandridis, Director of Teaching & Learning Strategic Project at Henley Business School

The full ranking results can be found on the Financial Times website.

Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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