First Alumni afterwork of the year 2023 – more than 20 participants

The Henley Business School alumni afterwork was kept last Thursday (2.2) in the traditional restaurant Venn. 

The number of participants was a record high, more than 20. It was great to notice the broadness of the Henley alumni community. We had alumni not only from the most recently started MBA cohorts but also alumni who graduated over ten years ago and during the last few years. In addition, there were students from the coaching and other programs. Different languages filled the air;  English, Finnish and Swedish were heard. At Henley Business School, we warmly welcome graduates and those still studying to all alumni events. 

We were also privileged to have Clare Calderan, Associate Professor in Financial Management, at our afterwork; she came directly from the Managing Financial Resources workshop for the MBA students at Henley’s new campus at Pohjoisesplanadi.

The discussion during the afterwork was vivid and of very different topics. For example, we discussed why we had selected Henley Business School for our studies. There were several reasons, but many raised the international aspect, master-level program, the focus on personal development, and Henley personnel’s help and service-oriented attitude when applying for the program.

The Henley concept of a learning team and its importance were also discussed. Of course, there were different experiences, but the support of the learning team in keeping everybody in the study group on track, for example, with assignment deadlines, was highlighted.

The other side of the table discussed the Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin’s party video from last summer; maybe it was used as an example of reputation management. And another group discussed experiences from the Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching and the experiences from the extensive and thorough coaching practice that the program entails. 

Thank you to all active participants!

We welcome all alumni to the next afterwork Thursday, 30.3 (we added one extra due to the success of the first of the year). If 30.3 does not fit into your calendar, bookmark the last afterwork of the spring 11.5 to your agenda.

Henley Business School alumni afterworks are for easy access, just pop-up, no registration.

Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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