Financial Times places Henley in world top 20 of executive education providers

Henley remains #1 executive education provider located in Finland

The Financial Times (FT) Executive Education Ranking 2022 places Henley Business School in the world top 20 for the combined ranking of open and custom programmes. The ranking also confirms Henleyโ€™s position as leading executive education provider located in Finland.

Published today after a break of two years due to the pandemic, the ranking of participating business schools is recognised as a strong indicator of the quality of executive education provision because it is largely determined by client and participant ratings.

Henley is placed at no. 19 in the world and no. 13 in Europe in the combined open and custom programmes ranking, which is based on Executive Education delivery in both our UK campuses and overseas campuses in South Africa, Finland and Germany.

Henley rose an impressive five places in this yearโ€™s world combined ranking, and three places in the European region.

Open programmes

Our open programmes are designed to empower individuals to increase their personal impact and organisational performance. They cover four core areas: strategic management, leadership, coaching and people and organisational change.

65 schools from across the globe are ranked by the FT, with clientsโ€™ satisfaction scores determining 80% of the total ranking.

Our open programmes ranking this year is no. 18 in the world and no. 14 in Europe.

Henleyโ€™s clients have scored us no. 8 in the world for new skills and learning, and no. 2 in the UK for course design and participantsโ€™ aims achieved, with an overall satisfaction score of 9.3 out of 10.

โ€œThese results are a testament to the remarkable work of our faculty and staff put in to deliver an outstanding experience for programme participants.โ€

โ€œDelivering open programmes that inspire leaders of organisations around the world to shape the future is at the core of Henleyโ€™s mission. It is particularly encouraging that our emphasis on pioneering new learning innovations, to encourage new ways of thinking and applying skills in the workplace, places us no. 1 in the UK for this area.โ€

โ€œWe are delighted that our clients value their experience with us so highly.โ€

Professor George Alexandridis, Director of Teaching & Learning Strategic Projects at Henley Business School

Custom programmes

Custom programmes are tailored learning solutions for organisations to support their strategic development and are co-designed with our clients. Henley works with public and private sector organisations around the world.

Our custom programmes ranking this year is no. 28 in the world and no. 18 in Europe.

Henley was ranked as no.4 in the world for international clients and no. 6 in the world for faculty diversity.

โ€œI am thrilled at the progress Henley Business School continues to make, particularly as we emerge from a period of disruption and change.โ€ย 

โ€œColleagues should be incredibly proud of their achievements and I am delighted that the work of our Faculty, Programme Directors, Programme Administrators and client facing teams has been recognised in such a positive way.โ€

Karis Burton, Head of Corporate Development at Henley Business School

The full ranking results can be found on the Financial Times website.

Sabine Doms, Marketing Manager - Henley Business School Finland

Sabine Doms

Sabine is passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential and perform at their best. She has over 10 years experience in marketing and communications and is leading the marketing of Henley Business School in Finland since 2016.

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