Finnish sustainable development roadmap

Wake-up call: Overconsumption starts earlier every year!

We need to unlearn our current behavior

This eye opening information and much more was shared in our event, “Finnish Sustainable Development Roadmap” that focused on understanding Finland’s road to sustainability and the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The opening presentation was given by Sami Pirkkala, Secretary General of the National Commission on Sustainable Development. Members of the commission Kimmo J Lipponen, CEO at Finnish Business and Society, and Helena Soimakallio, Executive Director, Sustainable Development at Technology Industries of Finland, joined the discussion with their views.

We learned that more and more companies are moving from just focusing on doing no harm to also doing good. However, we need to do much more to secure human wellbeing within the planetary boundaries. Unlearning from our current behavior is key. Critical thinking and questioning our own assumptions is a powerful tool, heavily in focus when studying at Henley Business School.

Events organised by Henley Finland’s alumni board are usually for alumni members only. But this important topic & discussion we want to make accessible for everyone by sharing the recording of the event.

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