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Could an Executive MBA be part of your talent and succession planning? - Henley Business School Finland

Could an Executive MBA be part of your talent and succession planning?

Identifying, retaining and developing talent is crucial for your organisation. To assess if an employee has the necessary perseverance, motivation and capabilities is a mutual process and careful consideration is needed. Wouldnโ€™t it be nice to have a talent assessment and development programme tailored specifically for this need? Henley offers, unlike many other Executive MBAs (EMBAs), a modern way to assess talent and their ability to put theory into practise: an EMBA that empowers your employees to grow as leaders โ€“ and adds value to the organisation right away.

Letโ€™s be clear โ€“ all EMBA programmes are not created equal. Most are built around fixed modules with set exams. After successfully graduating from traditional programmes, the new MBAs often leave their organisation, taking with them their leading-edge knowledge, broader modes of thinking and heightened confidence.

Did you know thereโ€™s a better way?

The Henley Executive MBA offers an educational journey that not only benefits the student but also your organisation โ€“ during the actual programme and far into the talentsโ€™ future roles at your company. How?

Develop talent, develop the organisation โ€“ develop success

Each module of the Henley EMBA can be tailored to meet both individual and organisational goals. If a student is involved with sustainability at your company, for example, we can customise each module to allow that person to dig deeper into sustainability, or any other speciality, from that moduleโ€™s learning perspective. And if your organisation is growing rapidly, the student can work on selected projects throughout the studies, for example, to ensure profitability and success.

The Henley EMBA focuses on assignments rather than exams. Each assignment can be utilised to develop a specific area within the organisation, adding value by bringing in-depth knowledge and practical methodology to the company. And the participant can implement the new approaches immediately on work close at hand.

Opportunity to assess

The tailored assignments for your organisation allow you to better asses a personโ€™s thinking competencies and ability to persuade others in your specific environment.

During the course of the programme, you will gain good insight into your talentโ€™s personal capability, resilience and motivation, which is invaluable when considering candidates for a companyโ€™s future leadership and successor planning.

Is 10โ€“15 hours per week too much to invest?

The transformation of an individual does not happen during short programmes. It takes time โ€“ and continuous development, real-life challenges to work on and self-reflection.

This is what the Henley EMBA does best! We are known for developing people and combining theory with practise in a way that can be put into action at any size of company.

The development of a rising starโ€™s path within your organisation requires careful planning. Offering educational opportunities with far-reaching results is one way to empower and challenge your employees, and develop your organisation.

This is something we truly believe combines success and long-term loyalty for any future-oriented organisation.

Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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Could an Executive MBA be part of your talent and succession planning? - Henley Business School Finland

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