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What makes the Henley Executive MBA different - Henley Business School Finland

What makes the Henley Executive MBA different?

Although you might be familiar with the various Executive MBA (EMBA) offerings available in Finland, you may wonder what makes the Henley EMBA – Global unique. Did you know you can attend workshops in different Henley locations around the world? Did you know the Henley EMBA – Global offers a university-level master’s degree? Did you know you can customise all your assignments to match your own interests and those of your company?

The world at your fingertips

If you’re considering doing your MBA, there’s no better choice than Henley for putting you into a truly international learning environment. You’ll have an internationally renowned faculty, widely published in their fields. You’ll study international content. And best – you’ll be able to discuss and converse with students from all parts of the world.

This gives a unique global perspective to our programme, bringing the world of business practices and diverse ways of thinking to you. You can even join workshops in other Henley locations around the world.

University-level master’s degree

Another lesser-known fact is that Henley Business School currently offers the only EMBA programme in Finland with a university-level master’s degree. According to the official degree system in the United Kingdom, the Henley Executive MBA – Global is considered a higher academic degree, like other university degree programmes.

In Finland, other EMBA programmes provided by Finnish institutions are considered qualification programmes or adult education, as defined according to the Finnish educational system.

When expanding your career internationally and seeking new opportunities, where the four letters come from can make a huge difference.

Customised assignments

With the Henley EMBA – Global, you can create your own learning journey by customising each assignment to fit your own area of specialisation, your individual interests or your organisation’s needs. If sustainability, for example, is your interest, you can approach your assignment from that viewpoint.

Our whole teaching and learning philosophy is different. It’s not about being fed facts and then being assessed by exams. That method does not make you a better leader or facilitate the highest levels of understanding and accomplishment.

Instead, we expect you to investigate issues by talking to others, both your study peers and people within your organisation, and develop your understanding through cooperation. You identify the challenge and then choose the best method to address that issue.

Our approach is one of active learning – demonstrating your know-how, competence and capability of solving business-critical issues. From your assignments, you can add significant value to your organisation or create a portfolio of your achievements.

Personal growth throughout

Did you know that the Henley EMBA – Global offers personal development through all stages of the programme to give you a structured and integrated process towards personal growth? In each of the Personal Development modules, you’ll have the chance to reflect on your personal growth, your strengths and areas of development, and what this means to your leadership capabilities.

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Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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