Heads Together and Row: Meet the crew - Henley Business School Finland

Heads Together and Row: Meet the crew

Toby Gould

Toby Gould

Toby Gould is the skipper of the Heads Together and Row crew.

The dad-of-one works for London Fire Brigade, and is looking forward to rowing the Atlantic, supporting Heads Together and taking part in Henley Business Schoolโ€™s research.

Jeremy Reynolds

Jeremy Reynolds

Jeremy Reynolds is part of the Heads Together and Row crew and hopes his Army background will help him take on the Atlantic rowing challenge, in aid of charities including Combat Stress.

He also works for London Fire Brigade, alongside the crewโ€™s skipper Toby.

Alison Wannell

Alison Wannell

Alison Wannell is the only female member of the Heads Together and Row crew.

Sheโ€™s looking forward to seeing the sunrises and sunsets over the Atlantic, and says the team just need to have faith in themselves โ€“ they can do it!

Justin Coleman

Justin Coleman

The final member of Heads Together and Row is Justin Coleman.

Heโ€™s a stand-up comedian whose own experiences of mental health issues have made him determined to succeed in crossing the Atlantic and raising money for Heads Together.

Sabine Doms, Marketing Manager - Henley Business School Finland

Sabine Doms

Sabine is passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential and perform at their best. She has over 10 years experience in marketing and communications and is leading the marketing of Henley Business School in Finland since 2016.

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