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Company visit to Vitra - [:enHenley Business School Finland

International Business workshop at the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland and France

Henley Business School is a truly international business school. Our MBA programmes are conducted by our world-class faculty members from the UK and international fellow network, and with a truly diverse student body โ€“ 83% of students are international โ€“ they provide a highly international and truly rewarding learning experience.

Our Executive MBA programme includes several workshops abroad. This fall, one of our classes travelled to Germany for their International Business workshop in combination with a company visit to Vitra, a Swiss furniture company. The exact destination of the study trip was Weil am Rhein located in the south of Germany right on the border to Switzerland and not far away from the border to France โ€“ a perfect location for the workshop topic. The workshop itself was held at the Vitra campus.

The workshop included in addition to group sessions also lectures by Dr. Peder Greve, a specialist in International Business at Henley Business School. His research provides insights into the causes and effects of international mobility and diversity in management teams at multinational enterprises, and how the composition of management teams affects internationalisation strategies and performance. Peder has project leadership experience from a variety of academic and industry projects, and his consulting experience spans multiple industries and countries across Europe, including strategy development projects for large European-based multinationals and market entry studies for SMEs.

[:en]Henley Business School - Company visit to Vitra [:fi] Henley Business School - yritysvierailu Vitralle

During the workshop a company visit was organised and Vitraโ€™s COO, Oliver Hafner, and Vitraโ€™s Head of International Plants, Kevin Thoma, shared insights and discussed the biggest challenges and opportunities for Vitra, who does not only design furniture and create retail environments but also has its own campus with buildings by leading international architects. The company visit also included a plant tour where the students were able to witness the assembly of the famous Charles Eames chair.

[:en]Henley Business School - Company visit to Vitra [:fi] Henley Business School - yritysvierailu Vitralle

The study trip included as well some additional activities, such as a tasting at a local winery, an architecture tour and a visit to the Vitra House, where many of the Vitra designs are displayed.

Jennika Rantanen - Henley Business School Finland

Jennika Rantanen

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