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Economist - ranking - Henley Business School Finland

A climb of 8 places in the Economist Full-time MBA ranking 2014

The Economist full time MBA ranking were published on 9th November and Henley Business School could celebrate the amazing jump of 8 places.

Today Henley full-time MBA is:

  • 34th best in the world
  • 8th in Europe &
  • 2nd in the UK.

Other remarkable highlights are that:

  • Henley is 3rd in the world for โ€˜personal development and education experienceโ€™
  • It retain its number 1 position in the world for โ€˜potential to networkโ€™ and number 1 for โ€˜breadth of alumniโ€™

Ranked in the top 25 business schools in the world for:

  • faculty quality
  • student diversity
  • % women studentsโ€™

See the whole list!

Pohjoisesplanadi 35 E (4th floor)
00100 Helsinki, Finland

+358 10 425 1200

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